Phone Tracking Software

At work but constantly thinking of your child’s whereabouts? Or stuck in meetings but wondering what your staff is up to? These thoughts are not uncommon and are valid in your position as either a parent or a boss.
As technology improves, there is now a solution for your woes. This one stop tracking software for Android is able to address your worries – both on mobile and on the personal computer. Just with a click of a button, tracking software allows you the ease of monitoring someone from the comfort of your computer screen – once you downloaded the same tracking software onto your personal computer.

What Do Most People Look for in Tracking Software?

1. Invisible and Undetectable Tracking

The software, once installed is virtually undetectable on the device, not affecting the user’s online experience so as to allow accurate tracking of everyday activities. This then facilitates no breach of trust between parents and child, as well as within a team of employees.

Cell Phone Tracking Software

2. Cross Platform Tracking

A tracking software that monitors calls and messages are now the norm. This function allows recording of both incoming and outgoing calls, as well as the download of messages from that device into your online account on your computer for later viewing.
As the number of messaging apps increase, the number of tracked apps must also increase, to capture as much of what the user does as possible. Tracking software have now updated themselves to monitor WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook chats, interactions, as well as sent and received pictures. All these are then pulled onto the monitoring device for further viewing.
This way, parents are able to track what their children are viewing online or talking about with their friends – if there is anything morally damaging or if there is something to be corrected from a young age, parents will know about it thanks to phone tracking. Similarly, employers are able to observe if their employees are underworked/putting too much time in online activities outside their actual work.

3. Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking

As we enter the age of smartphones, the maps – be it Google, Waze or anything else, integrated in the phones all run using GPS as well so this tracker taps on existing technology in the phone to pinpoint location of the user. How this is done is with the help of cell-phone towers and Wi-Fi signal to give a more accurate position.
This is a feature that parents especially would focus on, mainly as their primary concern is for the safety of their child and GPS tracking allows them to locate their child quickly in the event of an emergency. The location information is also stored for days after that for review if necessary.

Phone Tracking Software

4. Search Requests

This feature is new for laptops and gives more details compared to the cache of browser history. A report can be generated from all search results across Google, Bing and Yahoo so give a clear picture of what the user has been looking for.
Parents can use this to scan for any sign of suspicious activity. Should they see troubling results in their child’s search history, to be on hand to talk to them and counsel them immediately.
With a plethora of tracking software on the internet these days, it is best to know what exactly you are using the tracking software for and to focus on the areas you definitely need. Tracking software are going a long way to act as guardians of online activity and alleviating potential concerns parents might have in leaving their child with a phone or a computer.